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What a feeling! Connecting eye to eye or shoulder to shoulder with those you love. So much of our lives nowadays are spent fretting about the past or worrying about the future. When we are with our children, it is all about the now.

Kids spell love T-I- M-E.

And if you or they are holding or viewing an electronic device, both parties have just become less important. Either everyone is distracted, or someone is being dragged into the past or forced anxiously into the future.


In 2017, we created #NoPhoneFamilyDay. Parents across Calgary took advantage of this movement and set an intention to leave the phones on the charger (for much of the day) and spent time together connecting, relaxing, exercising, sharing, playing and remembering the importance of family and what we are teaching our children.

#NoPhoneFamilyDay continues this year on February 19! To capture this feeling and take it even further we’ve established #30for30.

Set the intention to spend 30 screen-free minutes with your child for 30 days in a row beginning March 1, 2018. We’re here to help you do it.

We want to build a world of adults who have the skills they need to run our world in the future; people who are interdependent, compassionate, empathetic, creative, resilient communicators. How do we create those adults? We start when they are children.

“Children who feel listened to, become better able to listen to others.” – Ellen Galinsky, The Mind in the Making, 2010 HarperCollins.

Thanks to our friend, Dave Kelly, for being one of the first to help share our message for #NoPhoneFamilyDay this year!

Will you join us on February 19 for #NoPhoneFamilyDay? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the #NoPhoneFamilyDay hashtag and click on the event link on our Facebook Page!